UWS Clearing



BSc (Hons)

4 years full-time

September 2022



About the course

If you fancy learning about the inner workings of the mind and human behaviour, the UWS’s BSc (Hons) Psychology degree is for you.

You’ll study the human mind and associated behaviour and develop key skills in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data – which will allow you to apply your knowledge in research and investigation processes to solve problems in real-world settings.

UWS’s BSc (Hons) Psychology is accredited by the British Psychological Society, which provides the basis for Graduate Registration.


  • This degree will prepare you for a career as a Chartered Psychologist.
  • You’ll study the human mind and associated behaviour so that you can apply knowledge within real-world environments.
  • You’ll develop key skills in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data to improve your understanding of the research and investigation process.
  • From communication, numeracy and teamwork, to computing, critical thinking and independent working, this degree will equip you with a range of skills employers value.

Applications for this course are open to people currently residing in:


Year 1: Open

Year 2: Open

Rest of UK (Eng, Wales & NI) & Republic of Ireland

Year 1: Open

Year 2: Open

International (including EU/EEA)

Year 1: Closed

Year 2: Closed

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Scottish Highers: BCCC (90 UCAS Tariff points)
  • A levels: CCD (84 UCAS Tariff points)
  • Irish Leaving Certificate: H2 H2 H3
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma: 24 points
  • SQA HNC / BTEC Level 4 HNC: Social Sciences* or Social Studies or Social Care/Services or Legal Services or Police Studies or Working with Communities or Counselling or Applied Science or Science or Care & Admin Practice (Healthcare Practice) or Coaching & Developing Sport or Early Education & Childcare or Childhood Practice or Additional Sports Needs or Working with Communities
  • Scottish Wider Access Programme: Access to Humanities or Social Sciences or Life Science or Medicine or Primary Education or Education or Medical Studies or Chemical & Biological Sciences or Humanities or Business & Law or Law, Criminal Justice and Social Science, all must include Grades BBB

* Year 2 entry may be possible (see Year 2 entry requirements)

  • A levels: BBC (112 UCAS Tariff points) including Psychology 
  • SQA HNC / BTEC Level 4 HNC: Social Sciences (for SQA HNCs, with Grade C in the Graded Unit) 
  • SQA HND / BTEC Level 5 HND: Social Sciences – applications may be considered but will be done on an individual basis

How to Apply


You can apply for this course, as well as keep up-to-date with your undergraduate application, via the UCAS Hub.

Your UCAS Hub account will be updated once a decision has been made on your application and you’ll be notified.

Clearing Guide

Clearing can sometimes feel like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Don’t worry though as we’re here to guide you through the process, giving you the information and advice you need.

Enquire about this course

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T: 0800 027 1000 (Freephone within the UK)
T: +44 (0)141 849 4101 (outwith the UK)
E: clearing@uws.ac.uk


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