UWS Clearing 2022


When can I call UWS about Clearing options?

You can call us now on 0800 027 1000, (+44) 141 849 4101 if you’re outside the UK, or email clearing@uws.ac.uk

We’ll chat you through the options available to you and the processes to follow, depending on your current situation, to help you secure a place on your course of interest.

What do I need to do to apply to UWS through Clearing?

  1. Contact our Clearing team on 0800 027 1000, or email clearing@uws.ac.uk

    Chat to one of our team members to discuss your interests, confirm course availability and entry requirements.

  2. We’ll advise you of the best options and how to make your application, whether you’re a new applicant or already in the UCAS system.
  3. Once you’ve been made an offer you have 24 hours to confirm your offer through UCAS Hub.
  4. Once you’ve decided to accept your place at UWS you’ll be able to refer yourself to us on UCAS Hub.
  5. After you have accepted your place to study at UWS, we will send all the necessary information you’ll need, by email, including information about our welcome and induction programme.

I haven’t applied to university yet. Can I apply to UWS through Clearing?

Yes. If you didn’t apply to university before 30 June you can still secure your place at UWS by registering with UCAS to search for the course that’s right for you. Call us on 0800 027 1000, (+44) 141 849 4101  if you’re outside the UK, or email clearing@uws.ac.uk clearing@uws.ac.uk to discuss what’s available to you.

I already have my results. Can I apply to UWS through Clearing?

Absolutely! In fact, you can get in touch with us right now by calling 0800 027 1000, (+44) 141 849 4101  if you’re outside the UK, or emailing clearing@uws.ac.uk, and we’ll chat you through the options most suited to you and the process you need to follow.

I got better grades than I expected to. Can I apply to other courses or change university?

If your results are better than expected and you now want to change universities, from 5 July 2022, if you are holding a firm unconditional place, you can release yourself into Clearing, using the ‘decline your place’ button in your application. 

Only use this button if you no longer wish to take up your place at your firm choice, and you have spoken to your university or college and/or an adviser at your school/centre.

I didn’t get any offers to study when I initially applied to university. Can I apply again through Clearing?

Of course! As soon as you get your exam results you can use Clearing to find a place on a course that’s caught your attention and has vacancies available. Just remember you’ll still need to meet the Clearing entry requirements that apply.

I’m applying to UWS as a mature student. Can I apply through Clearing?

If you’re 21 or over then you’re classed as a mature student. You’ll still be able apply to UWS through Clearing. Call us now on 0800 027 1000, (+44) 141 849 4101  if you’re outside the UK, or email clearing@uws.ac.uk to discuss what’s available to you and for advice on the process to follow.

What results do I need to secure a place through Clearing?

You can find Clearing entry requirements in our course vacancy listings.

UWS accepts a variety of qualifications, including HNC, HND and BTEC, as well as considering work-based learning and work experience for those who have been away from study for a longer period. Call us now on 0800 027 1000, (+44) 141 849 4101  if you’re outside the UK, or email clearing@uws.ac.uk

UWS is my firm choice

You should use the UCAS Hub to keep up-to-date with your undergraduate application. Your UCAS Hub account will be updated once a decision has been made on your application and you’ll be notified.

UWS is my insurance choice and I want to come here instead of my firm choice

  1. Contact us on 0800 027 1000 (+44 141 849 4101) to confirm we have a place for you
  2. Contact your firm choice and ask to be released into clearing
  3. Check the UCAS Hub for an update on your application status
  4. Once unconditional at UWS you will receive joining instructions by email.

Didn’t get the results you needed? Don’t panic!

  1. Check the UCAS Hub to see if the decision status has changed to unconditional. If it has, you will receive joining instructions via email
  2. If the decision status is still conditional, please contact us on 0800 027 1000 (+44 141 849 4101). Our admissions team will be working through applications as quickly as possible. Please check the UCAS Hub for updates
  3. If your application is unsuccessful as a result of not achieving the grades, you can review the clearing options available to you on our website or via UCAS; you can also look at alternative routes into university including HN study at college as your start point. Contact us to speak with our recruitment team for advice on college articulation routes into UWS.

I’m worried coronavirus could impact my application. How is UWS responding to COVID-19?

  1. Your safety is our number one priority. Our flexible social learning model combines on-campus learning and teaching with access to learning online resources to allow us to quickly react to Government guidance to ensure you can enjoy and get access to the UWS experience safely and confidently. Visit our Coronavirus information page (https://www.uws.ac.uk/about-uws/student-information-portal/covid-19-information/) for more details.