UWS Clearing

Collaborative Health & Social Care


BSc (Hons)

4 years – full-time


September 2023


About the course

This degree will help you understand the interplay between health and social care services and explore ways providers can work together to deliver high-quality and connected services.

Year 1: This first year of study will set the context for the rest of your student journey by supporting you to develop a range academic, personal and professional skills and attributes. You will be introduced to key health and social care such as collaborative working, evidence based practice, foundations in health and social care practice, communication skills and health promotion. These will lead you towards the career in health and social care you aspire to do.   

Year 2: You will further develop your academic, personal and professional skills and attributes. In addition you will not only revisit in more depth some of the key health and social care topics from year one such as working collaborate with others, you will also gain further knowledge and skills in relation to research approaches, person-centred care, enabling and empowering service users, population and public health and the psychology of health and wellbeing. 

Year 3: You will consolidate your academic, personal and professional development and lead you into career development in preparation for you becoming a graduate. In this year of study you will be exposed to more complex issues related to key health and social topics you have already explored. In addition you will have the opportunity in year three to take modules that focus on specific health and social care topics such and the integration of health and social care services, dementia care, palliative care, pain management and supporting people with long term conditions. This will enable you to start focusing on a specific sector of health/socail care you may be aspiring to work in.   

Year 4: Year four changes focus slightly in that as well learning about the complexities in working with services users and their families collaboratively it will develop you as a health and/or social care professional. This will provide you will a range knowledge and skills to enable you to lead a team, teach others in your work place and develop population/public health/quality improvement approaches. Your studies will culminate in the development of an honours dissertation which will be in a health/social care subject of your choosing. This capstone module helps lead you in employment in a specific area of health/social care that you aspire to work in as you will have a detailed and in-depth knowledge and understanding of this aspect of health/social care. 

Careers: This programme will lead you into a successful career in health and/or social care. Below are some examples of where our previous graduates work from similar programmes. Care Service Owner Care service/ care home Manager Home Care Manager Quality Improvement Officer Hospice Activities Coordinator Family Support Worker Project Manager: Homeless Outreach Addictions Support Wellbeing Hub Manager Social Enterprise Owner GP Practice Manager In addition this course will lead you into higher level qualifications at UWS such as: Masters in Public Health MSc with Adult Nursing Registration MSc with Mental Health Nursing Registration MSc with Midwifery Registration MSc Social Work

Programme Highlights

  • You will develop critical and analytical problem-focused learning skills as well as transferable graduate skills which reflect the demands made within contemporary health and social care organisations. 
  • This degree will help you understand the interplay between health and social care services and explore ways providers can work together to deliver high-quality and connected services.
  • The modules reflect contemporary professional practice to provide safe, effective, value-based care which utilises a person-centred approach.
  • This degree provides excellent opportunities to learn with people from a variety of backgrounds and interests within a community of professionals and academics at UWS. 

Applications for this course are open to people currently residing in:


Year 1: Open

Year 2: Open

Year 3: Open

Rest of UK (Eng, Wales & NI) & Republic of Ireland

Year 1: Open

Year 2: Open

Year 3: Open

International (including EU/EEA)

Year 1: Open

Year 2: Open

Year 3: Open

Entry Requirements

  • Scottish Highers: BBBC (108 UCAS Tariff points)
  • A levels: DDD (108 UCAS Tariff points)
  • Irish Leaving Certificate: H1, H2, H2, H2
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma: 24 points
  • Scottish Wider Access Programme: Year 1 Entry with Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) Access to Nursing or Access to Integrated Health & Social Care with Grades BBB

How to Apply


You can apply for this course, as well as keep up-to-date with your undergraduate application, via the UCAS Hub.

Your UCAS Hub account will be updated once a decision has been made on your application and you’ll be notified.

Clearing Guide

Clearing can sometimes feel like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Don’t worry though as we’re here to guide you through the process, giving you the information and advice you need.

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