UWS Clearing


Cal found his place at UWS - Find yours!

Cal joined UWS through Clearing. He’d looked at a lot of universities for courses like psychology, teaching, economics and finance, as he was unsure about what he wanted to focus on. The UWS social sciences degree met all his subject interests and allowed him to gain a broad perspective before specialising. Cal has cerebral palsy and is appreciative of the strong support network offered by the University to help him meet his learning needs.

"I think there’s a lot of support at UWS. There are so many good professors and lecturers, and if you’re in my position, where you maybe struggle with certain aspects of learning, there’s a really strong support network to help you in various ways. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go until I found the social sciences degree at UWS in Clearing. I looked at the course and it had a perfect blend of all my interests and all my favourite subjects from school, and I thought to myself ‘this would be perfect for me!"

Cal found his place at UWS – find yours!